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Merry Manqun Li

Merry Clinic was established by Dr. Merry Manqun Li, a California Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She has been practicing and researching Chinese herbal medicine for women's health and skin disorders for the past eighteen years in the United States.

Dr. Li graduated from Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medical School in China and worked as a medical doctor in ShangHai RuiJin Hospital. In 1992, she opened her clinic in San Francisco. She has since devoted herself to research and the practice of Chinese medicine, specializing in women’s health and skin diseases, and she has successfully treated more than fifty thousand patients in her local and online clinics.

Dr. Li has carried out extensive research into nutrition and has developed a line of vita-nutrient supplements to improve women’s health and skin health. In her practice, Dr. Li uses Chinese medicine to enhance the traditional methods of treating irregular periods, menopause symptoms, PMS, repeated miscarriage, infertility and depression. Many of her new patients come to her frustrated by the ineffectiveness of conventional medical solutions; however, many of them see significant improvements after using Dr. Li's herbal remedies.

After two decades of research and clinical practice, Dr. Li possesses extensive knowledge and first-hand experience in taking care of women’s health. You, too, can greatly benefit from using one of the products that Dr. Li proudly offers.

Introducing Chinese herbal medicine for women’s health

Women’s physiology is dominated by blood, since the “lower burner” (abdomen area) houses the uterus that stores blood. In women, blood is not only the source of menstrual periods but also of fertility, conception, pregnancy and childbirth. In Chinese medicine, the term “uterus” has a broad definition, referring to structures beyond the uterus itself, and including the Fallopian tubes, the ovaries and hormone production.

A well-functioning uterus relies on harmony between the internal organs, especially the kidneys, liver and spleen.

The kidneys are the root of “pre-natal essence” the original Qi. They store the essence that is the material basis for the formation of menstrual blood. Kidney essence greatly influences the physiology of women, especially during puberty, fertility, conception, pregnancy and menopause.

The liver is of paramount importance in menstruation, mostly through its relationship with the uterus and blood – the uterus stores blood that is received mostly from the liver. Liver Qi needs to move blood in preparation for menstruation, so if liver Qi stagnates, this may cause irregular periods, dysmenorrhea and pre-menstrual syndrome.

The spleen makes blood that is then stored in the liver. If a person is deficient in liver blood, then this is an indicator that they are also deficient in the spleen and so need to be tonified.

The healing philosophy of Chinese medicine in women’s health is to harmonize the kidneys, liver and spleen. When your body systems are well balanced, hormone levels will be brought back into balance and you should not experience any symptoms or disorders.

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